27 April 2021 / Club News

British & Irish Lions 1st Test Team Selector Competition

2021 1st Test Team Lions Competition


Can you be the 6th Selector


We are launching a Lions Competition where you pick your 1st test team after the squad has been announced on May the 6th but before the 1st tour game on the 26th June


Obviously there could be injuries etc but everyone will be in the same boat.


Payment is £5 to enter so DM the Bargoed Accounts on FB, Twitter & Instagram for the details.


The last date for entries will be before the Japan v Lions game on the 26th June.


Prizes for the top 3. The prize structure will be advertised once we know how many people are going to be involved.


If there are two entries with the same points then the person who submitted their team 1st will get the win.


Rules below.


  1. Once squad has been picked Pick your 23 players to start the 1st test.
  2. 3 Points for Every Correct Position of Player and Number (Apart from 2nd Rows and Subs)
  3. 1 Point if player plays in a different position from where you have picked him (Player you have picked in centre plays on wing etc)
  4. Teams in before the 1st tour game kicks off
  5. Fiver a Man or Woman 8-)
  6. All selections will be shared once the tour games kicked off
  7. Top Point Scorer Wins
  8. Tie Breaker. If more than 1 teams winning points are the same. Then the person who submitted their side 1st will get the win.

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